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17. 09. 2019. Department

The publication, "The social dimension of film production in Poland" by T. Kożuchowski, I. Morozow & R. Sawka has been awarded the Polish Film Institute Prize in the category "Book on film"

We now know the laureates of the 12th Polish Film Institute Prizes - the only Polish awards for significant achievements in the dissemination and promotion of Polish cinema.

This noble has added the publication of our publishing house: "The social dimension of film production in Poland" by Tomasz Kożuchowski, Iwona Morozow and Roman Sawka (Dean of the Film Art Organization Department), which has been awarded in the category "Book on the subject of film".

Movies are not created in a cultural vacuum, and exploring, describing and understanding a certain act of creation is the main research object of this book. Its purpose is partly the continuation of a new tradition of research into the culture of film production, outlined in the book by Marcin Adamczak "Beside the screen", which focuses on a detailed anthropological analysis of the various stages of work on a film and the presentation of different views, of those film crew members who are mostly invisible or less significant, and all this has been reconstructed on the basis of three years of ethnographic research. The interesting research perspective of this publication is also opened up thanks to the authors involved in it, who combine theoretical and practical knowledge, thus offering a unique insight view into the world of audiovisual production in Poland based on both experience and knowledge. In effect, this book is, in a way an attempt to "disenchant" the Polish dream factory. Speaking in the language of metaphor and revolution - an attempt to tear down the "fourth wall", capture the essence of the severity of creation, usually inaccessible to the eyes of the average eye, and finally an attempt to restore what is social in a phenomenon that in the tradition of the discipline of writing more often occurs in the form of reflection on its effect . In this way, the authors of the book repeat Vicki Mayer’s postulates to "restore that which is social" and bear in mind the fact that behind every great and small film work there are working people and a multitude of stories to tell. The Polish Film Institute Prizes are a special distinction in the film industry, appreciating the work of people and institutions unrelated to film production.

The Polish Film Institute Prizes are the only Polish distinctions which aim to highlight the special achievements of individuals and institutions supporting the development of Polish cinema, promoting its achievements and facilitating the society's access to Polish film production. The awards have been granted since 2008. Candidates may be submitted by cultural institutions, film schools, local authorities, non-governmental institutions related to culture and other entities and individuals operating in the culture sector.

This year's PISF Prizes gala has been held on September 17 during the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Details: www.pisf.pl/aktualnosci/wiadomosci/laureaci-12-nagrod-pisf

Congratulations to all nominees and laureates!