VIDEO IDIOM at the Tower of Babel
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31. 08. 2019.

Summer Film School VIDEO IDIOM by WET FILM, 5-10 of September, during The Lodz of Four Cultures Festival. Lodz Film School is the Fetival's Partner.

Over the last century, the idea of a universal "language of cinema" has dominated the discourse around film-making. At the experimental fringes, however, countless dialects, slangs, idioms and vernaculars have been fostered as challenges to the mainstream.

In this summer school, participants will spend five days with the WET film collective, watching and discussing inspiring experimental works, and producing their own collaborative piece, which will be screened for the public on Saturday 14th September, at the Lodz Film School Cinema.

Using the Tower of Babel housing block as a base, participants will learn low-budget and alternative video techniques and strategies. The workshops will draw on the experiences of the WET film collective, and of participants, with the aim being to share skills while practising a non-hierarchical, collaborative form of production. Together, we will think about how filmic languages can express or embody different politics, social attitudes and subjectivities, and consider how ways of working together can manifest themselves in a film’s aesthetics.

How to sign up:
Participation in the summer school is free. To sign up, please email us at Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Participants are not obliged to attend for the whole summer school; if you would like to attend in part, please give us an indication of which day(s) you will attend when you sign up. All of the morning screenings will be open to the public. Language: The summer school will be taught mostly in English, although we have Polish speakers in the group. Participants with all levels of English are welcome.

About us:
WET is a Rotterdam-based production and distribution cooperative for film, video and artists’ moving image founded by Anna Maria Łuczak, Erika Roux, Marta Hryniuk, Nick Thomas and Sophie Bates. We come together to pursue a mode of production based on collaboration and mutual support, assisting in the creation of works through the exchange of labour, equipment and expertise. WET is also a platform for distribution, curating and programming, with a focus on works which propose alternative perspectives on the medium.

05/09/2019 10 am-6 pm, Day 1 - screenings and shooting
06/09/2019 10 am-6 pm, Day 2 - screenings and shooting
07/09/2019 10 am-6 pm, Day 3 - screenings and shooting08/09/2019 - Sunday, free time
09/09/2019 10 am-6 pm, Day 4 - screenings and shooting
10/09/2019 10 am-6 pm, Day 5 - screenings and shooting
14/09/2019 - screening at the Lodz Film School Cinema

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