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28. 07. 2019. Department

Two animated films, two reasons to be proud. "Little Soul" by our student Barbara Rupik and "Rain" by our graduate and present lecturer, Piotr Milczarek screening in Melbourne at the Shorts Section!

The Melbourne International Film Festival, one of the oldest and the most important festivals next to the ones in Cannes and Berlin, takes place from 1st to 18th August.

Our films to be presented at the festival are:

DUSZYCZKA (Little Soul) by Barbara Rupik

"A dead body became stuck by a river bank. Its decaying insides still hide a human soul - a miniature of the deceased. Rotting organs part and a tiny creature gets out. Standing on the river bank, it says goodbye to the corpse and sets off on a journey through the post-mortem land."

Screenplay, direction, animation & sound: Barbara Rupik
Music: Maurycy Raczyński
Artistic supervision: Piotr Dumała and Piotr Milczarek

DESZCZ (Rain) by Piotr Milczarek

"The roof of an office building. A person who wants to play a joke by shouting and waving his arms creeps over to a man who is smoking a cigarette. This terrifies the smoker so much that he falls from the skyscraper. The falling man arouses interest among employees who sit behind their desks in a large, glazed room. They come up to the windows. This also raises the interest of the chairman who runs out of the office room holding a cloak in his hand..."

Screenplay, direction, animation: Piotr Milczarek
Production: FUMI Studio

See the details:

1. From the film "Little Soul"
2. From the film "Rain"