Our 6 student short films at Gdynia Film Festival
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01. 08. 2019. Department

We know the results of the selection for the Short Films Competition of the 44th Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. The programme includes as many as six films produced by the Lodz Film School.

The Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia is one of the most important festivals in Poland, the more we are happy about the fact that as many as 6 films from our School have been selected for the festival Short Film Competition. Here they are:

DOG DAYS directed by Zuzanna Grajcewicz
Poland, 2019, 15 min.
artistic supervision: Andrzej Musiał, Witold Sobociński, Jarosław Kamiński (editing supervision)

What is missing in the world where animals have gone extinct? The film's heroes run a company providing services to those who want to compensate for the absence of animals. As it turns out, the relationship of man and animal is very complex. In the midst of friendship and attachment, there is always a certain amount of violence that tries to find an outlet.

JASKINIA ŻÓŁWI (The Turtle Cave) directed by Klaudia Folga Poland, 2019, 21 min.
artistic supervision: Mariusz Grzegorzek

The film is a retrospective of the main character, Hania’s childhood events. The girl evokes her mother's story which draws her into family problems. Hania tries to free herself forever from guilt. Closing her eyes she tries to disappear.

KRZYŻÓWKA (The Crossword) directed by Jan Bujnowski
Poland, 2019, 15 min.
artistic supervision: Mariusz Grzegorzek, Wojciech Staroń

Crossword - word-letter riddle. Typically, the purpose of solving a crossword puzzle is to guess a password consisting of letters scattered over it some of which are marked with numbers. An older man solves a crossword in which he encounters various passwords. Some are easier, others are more difficult, but they always relate in some way to the events in his life. Can a seemingly simple puzzle be something more than just a way to kill time?

ME VOY directed by Sara Bustamante-Drozdek
Poland, 2019, 27 min.
artistic supervision: Łukasz Barczyk

Klara and Adrian are a couple who take care of their dog and in their free time go to parties. They also have a favourite series whose action takes place in a fictional paradise. Klara notes that the luxury life in soap operas gives you the opportunity to be honest and free to express emotions and feelings which you do not have in normal life. When Adrian proposes to Clara in unusual circumstances the girl does not know how to deal with it. Inspired by the soap opera she tries to end the relationship in various absurd ways. The story of young people lost in the modern world, full of all-round stimuli in the form of colours and music.

PIOŁUN (Bitter Herb) directed by Maria Ornaf
Poland, 2019, 16 min.
artistic supervision: Mariusz Grzegorzek

In the old days, mother who wanted to wean the child from breast feeding would rub her breast with an infusion of wormwood so that the child, having tasted a bitter taste, would never again want to have breast milk.
UKĄSZENIE (Bitten) directed by Helena Oborska
Poland, 2019, 24 min.
artistic supervision: Łukasz Barczyk, Jolanta Dylewska (cinematography supervision), Jarosław Kamiński (editing supervision)

Zofia, accompanied by her friend Ewa, goes to a special centre by the seaside far from civilization to clear her mind and body. It is supposed to be a pleasant, relaxing week but Zofia begins to feel strange, unexplained anxiety as if something was about to happen ... Suddenly, a mysterious man, Emil appears in the enclave with his fiancée. Zofia knows his face ... she knows that he must remember her. But he denies knowing her. The water in the shower becomes boiling. Cicadas are screeching louder and louder. Emil's partner hurts her foot. Emil is close and his presence becomes unbearable. Emotions from the years long gone return and the boundary between the past and the present begins to blur.

The 44th Polish Feature Films Festival will take place in Gdynia from 16 to 21 September, 2019.

More information available at: www.festiwalgdynia.pl

2 - "Dog Days"
3 - "Jaskinia żółwi"
4 - "Krzyżówka"
5 - "Me Voy"
6 - "Piołun"
7 - "Ukąszenie"