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16. 06. 2019.

Our students and graduates receive awards at the Closing Gala of the 38th Koszalin "Youth & Film" Film Debut Festival.

In the Competition of the Full-length Feature Film Debut the Great Amber Award (Wielki Jantar) went to Ewa Banaszkiewicz and Mateusz Dymek (screenplay and direction) for the film "Moja Polska Dziewczyna" (My Polish Girlfriend)
Jury statement: " For the poignant description of the loneliness of modern man. For the film fulfilled "

Amber Award (Jantar) named after Stanisław Różewicz for direction went to Kalina Alabrudzińska for the film "Nic nie ginie".
Jury statement: "How was it possible to manage the direction of it all? We do not know… but we welcome a new talent in the Polish cinema."

Special Jury Award for direction went to Klara Kochańska and Kasper Bajon for the film "Via Carpatia".
Jury statement: "An intimate film about big things, escaping any definitions. For the courage to look where others look away with embarrassment."

Amber Award (Jantar) for the screenplay and a week-long stay at the Creative Work House of the Polish Filmmakers Association in Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula River received Piotr Dylewski and Magdalena Celmer for the film "Zgniłe uszy"(Rotten Ears).
Jury statement: "For creative, efficient leading the viewer by the nose and pulling their ears."

Amber Award (Jantar) for acting discovery went to Maja Pankiewicz for a role in the film "Eastern".
Jury statement: " Charisma, the magnetic force of the screen presence even in a dark zoo."

Amber Award (Jantar) for cinematography went to Michał Dymek for the film "Moja Polska Dziewczyna" (My Polish Girlfriend)
Jury statement: "For contemporary in form, perfectly composed shots that build a suggestive, emotional portrait of the heroine."

Amber Award (Jantar) for a short animated film went to Julia Orlik for the film "Mój dziwny starszy brat" (My Strange Big Brother)
Jury Statement: "For an extraordinary story of ordinary life. For technical and screenplay artistry and for 13 minutes of subtle humor. "

Amber Award (Jantar) for cinematography for a short film received ex aequo: Zuzanna Zachara for the film "Piołun" by Maria Ornaf, and Adam Suzin for the film "Love Machines" by Michał Materna.
Jury statement: „For dramaturgy built consistently by images and for a distinctive author's style. "


The Youth Jury Award for the full-length feature film went to the film "Nic nie ginie" by Kalina Alabrudzińska.
Jury statement: "For proving that diligence and good film-making craftsmanship have a chance to win with a high budget - in other words: Life gave them lemons, and they made good wine out of them."

The Journalists' Award for the short film went to the film "Miłość bezwarunkowa" (Unconditional love) by Rafał Łysak.
Jury statement: "For the charming auto-documentary, engaging and touching with the sincere relationship between grandson and grandma.

The Special Award for films from the short film debut competition went, among others, to the film "Miłość bezwarunkowa" (Unconditional love) by Rafał Łysek.

Complete list of winners: www.mlodziifilm.pl

Congratulations to all the winners!