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16. 06. 2019. Department

Kalina Alabrudzińska received the Award named after Stanisław Różewicz for direction of the film "Nic nie ginie" at the Closing Gala of the 38th Koszalin "Youth & Film" Film Debut Festival.

The Award was granted in the Full-Length Feature Debut Film Competition. The Jury consisting of: Joanna Kos-Krauze (President), Grzegorz Damięcki, Radek Ładczuk, Joanna Rożen-Wojciechowska and Krzysztof Rak justified their verdict by saying: ""How was it possible to manage the direction of it all? We do not know… but we welcome a new talent in the Polish cinema."

NIC NIE GINIE also received the Youth Jury Award for the Best Full-length Feature Film. The Jury statement said: "For proving that diligence and good film-making craftsmanship have a chance to win with a high budget - in other words: Life gave them lemons, and they made good wine out of them." 

The film, NIC NIE GINIE is the recent graduation film of our acting students and it continues the tradition of the Lodz Film School where apart from the graduation play, each year the students of the final year of acting make a full-length graduation film. The first one to be made was "Singing Napkin" by Mariusz Grzegorzek, followed by: "Crystal Girl" by Artur Urbański, "Soyer" by Łukasz Barczyk and "Monument" by Jagoda Szelc. NIC NIE GINIE is also a full-length, original film debut of Kalina Alabrudzińska.

Kalina on her film: The film protagonists suffer from my favourite illness - sadness. Life requires changes from them but they do not want to yield to this. They prefer to hide in the thicket of leaves and everyday life. And the world around is beautiful, the sun is shining, so why should not they be reborn as a better and happier species? I hope that my sad film will make you laugh and, like my heroes, you will feel part of a strong and important community - a community of lonely people.

Film cast – 4th year acting students from the Lodz Film School: Michał Surosz, Zuzanna Puławska, Piotr Pacek, Jan Hrynkiewicz, Wiktoria Filus, Karol Nowiński, Paweł Głowaty, Filip Warot, Robert Ratuszny, Katarzyna Majda, Izabela Gąska, Karol Kunysz, Ksenia Tchórzko, Faustyna Kazimierska, Mateusz Grodecki, Elżbieta Zajko, Maria Kowalska, Kamil Rodek, Sebastian Śmigielski as well as: Dobromir Dymecki, Joanna Myszewska, Jerzy Wojtkowski, Agnieszka Jelonek

Screenplay and direction: Kalina Alabrudzińska
Cinematography: Nils Croné
Editing: Piasek & Wójcik
Sound mix: Robert Sędzicki
Art direction and costumes: Maja Pawlikowska
Make-up: Joanna Siwy
Production management: Aleksandra Makos
Production coordination: Natalia Truszkowska
Producer: Agata Golańska
Artistic supervision: Mariusz Grzegorzek

Poster artist: Bartek Arobal Kociemba
Stills: Nils Croné
TEASER Editing: Piasek & Wójcik
Sound mix: Rafał Nowak
Song recording: Kamil Bobrukiewicz
Song sung by: Faustyna Kazimierska, Ksenia Tchórzko, Elżbieta Zajko, Karol "Franek" Nowiński, Piotr Pacek, Sebastian Śmigielski
Song: Aerumnarum plenus
Music composed by Czesław Niemen to the poem of Cyprian Kamil Norwid

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