VISTULA in MOSCOW with our films
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22. 05. 2019. Department

The Polish Film Festival is about to start in Moscow. Then a tour in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Serbia, Croatia, Georgia, Chile, Iceland, Turkey & Czech Rep.

The 12th Wisła Polish Film Festival will Take place in Moscow from 23 to 30 May.

In the festival competition there are films of our graduates and lecturers, among them, TOWER. A BRIGHT DAY. by Jagoda Szelc, THE BUTLER by Filip Bajon, PARDON by Jan Jakub Kolski, and OVER THE LIMIT by Marta Prus in the "Poland in Documentary Film" section .

As every year in the "Łodzią po Wiśle" ("By Boat along the Vistula") section, the presentation of the latest films of our students:

SASZKA by Katarzyna Lesisz
TSANTSA by Robin Lipo
SIOSTRY (Sisters) by Michał Hytros
WEHIKUŁ CZASU (Time Machine) by Jan Bujnowski
KWADRATURA KOŁA (Squaring The Cirle) by Karolina Specht
WYSPA (Island) by Zuzanna Stach
NA ZDROWIE! (Bless you!) by Paulina Ziółkowska

Lodz Film School, as every year, is the official Partner of the WISŁA Festival.