Why don’t you play it! And make it funnier!
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29. 04. 2019. Department

37th FESTIVAL OF DRAMA SCHOOLS in Lodz. Lodz Film School invites to festival performances from 6 to 12 May, 2019.

This year’s festival poster seems to be calling to you: "Here is the leading role for you! Will you dare to try?!" And now a simple test for you. Imagine you have ten legs and each of them wants to go in a different direction. DILEMMA. Your character is burning with lust. You are boiling with emotion and tension that suddenly become your shadow and go away. EMPTINESS. In the afternoon, you are a boy selling life insurance in a small kiosk in the provincial town, next to a huge stand with rotten flowers. MYSTERY. In the evening, you turn into a girl in a red dress, who after 8 hours of work in the prosecutor's office makes a dance career in a small, 24-hour pizzeria with a secret room without windows, from which only people with no faces come out, hiding behind your back. INTRIGUE. Only then there is plenty to act! From midnight until the morning you are a writer. You sit with a glass of wine by candle-light considering what form of suicide is the closest to art. DARKNESS. And finally CULMINATION! You wake up as a hermaphrodite. You do not know anymore who you are, and whether all this has been a dream or a reality. What is the show about? I see it as a musical about the joy of being an actor with a comedy flair.

And now, Why don’t you play it! And make it funnier ;)

From 6 to 12 May, you are welcome to attend the plays in the programme of the 37th Drama Schools’ Festival directed by professionals according to clear rules! Students of acting in their final year of studies representing Polish drama schools from Warsaw, Wroclaw, Cracow, Bialystok and Bytom guarantee 7 days of unforgettable emotions. The festival presentation is a summary of four years of professional education and a pass into the big world of being an ACTOR. The Drama Schools’ Festival is a special time for all well-defined and still undetermined students of the profession who feel that they have 10 legs and many directions to choose from. This is a unique moment when they can choose either of them and the right indication will be provided by the festival awards granted by the jury members: Aleksandra Konieczna, Jacek Wakar, Ingmar Villqist and Wioletta Laszczka. The most important, however, will be the meeting itself of the students, lecturers, theatre creators, on one hand with those who will be watching closely, the critics and the public, on the other hand.

The diploma plays will be performed on the stages of the Nowy Theatre and the Studyjny Theatre of the Film School in Łódź. The drama schools participating in the festival are: the Acting Department of the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, Department of Puppetry Art in Bialystok (Theatre Academy Warsaw), the Acting Department of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, the Department of Dance Theatre in Bytom (non-local faculty of Cracow Academy), the Acting Department of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow - branch in Wrocław, the Puppetry Department of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow - branch in Wrocław and the Acting Department of the Film School in Łódź.

The ORGANIZER of the 37th Drama Schools’ Festival is the Lodz Film School.

CO-ORGANIZERS: Studyjny Theatre in Lodz and Nowy Theatre named after K. Dejmek in Lodz

The FESTIVAL has been financially supported by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund and from the funds of the City Council in Lodz

HONORARY PATRONAGE over the event has been taken over by: Prof. Piotr Gliński, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage; Zbigniew Rau, Voivode of Łódź; Grzegorz Schreiber, Marshal of the Lodz Voivodship; Hanna Zdanowska, President of the City of Lodz


PARTNERS: e-TALENTA, TOYA, Opus Film, Akademicki Ośrodek Inicjatyw Artystycznych, ZASP, Agencja Dramatu i Teatru ADiT, LOKAL, Hotel Stare Kino, Hotel Polonia, Hotel Savoy, Boutique Hostel, Klub 97, Serenissima


MEDIA PATRONAGE: TVP Kultura, Gazeta Wyborcza, AMS, TVP 3 Łódź, Radio Łódź, TV Toya, Kalejdoskop, TEATR, E-teatr, Teatralny.pl, Dziennik Teatralny, Chodźże do teatru




Grand Prix – Prize of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Prof. Piotr Gliński
Prizes of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (at the festival jury’s disposal)
Audience Prize for the Most Electrifying Actress
Audience Prize for the Most Electrifying Actor
Machul Prize
ZASP Prize - Association of Polish Artists of the Theatre, Film, Radio and Television - Stage Board
TOYA Group Prize
Prize of Lodz Journalists
Prize of the KALEJDOSKOP cultural monthly magazine - for the culture of the word
Prize of the TUPOT Festival Newspaper – Golden Razor