Erasmus + 2018/2019. Waiting for your applications
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01. 02. 2019. Department

Why not look ahead to 2019/2020? Move from plans to actions and apply for studies abroad in the winter semester of the next academic year.

You can already apply for studies abroad in the Winter semestr of the new academic year 2019/2020 within Erasmus + Program. Deadline: 22 March. Leave your applications with the respective Erasmus + Program Department coordinators.

 It is necessary, however, to pass an English language test which will be take place on 24 January at 19:00 in room 208, building H. The language test does not have to be taken by the holders of language certificates or the students planning to study in non-English speaking countries.

 Do you want to go earlier? It is possible as the application period for the student internship/training abroad to take place in this academic year is not over yet. You can get support in looking for a place to have an internship at the new platform „ErasmusIntern platform”, check it out here -

 All information and files related to Erasmus + trips are available on the website