Application for Erasmus + training starts now.
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09. 01. 2019.

Sounds like a brilliant idea! For student training abroad – apply now.

The new application process for student training abroad to take place in the summer semester 2019 within the Erasmus+ Program starts right now! The training should be scheduled for at least 2 months from 1.02.2019 do 31.08.2019. The students interested in the training should provide their department Erasmus + coordinators with the required application documents.

 What is there to know? You need to have a good idea for the training – you should find a foreign institution where you would like to have the training and the institution should accept you for the training. It can be either a public or a private organization operating in the labour market or in the field of education and training; non-profit organization, association, non-governmental organization or institution of higher education. As a trainee you may be granted some money allowance for the expenses connected with your stay abroad.

Present your ideas to the coordinators whose names you can find here:

Details and documents regarding the training can be found on our website :