FEVER ready for January, also for English speakers
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19. 12. 2018. Department

After the Moroccan voyage, we are back in Lodz ready to perform for you. The repertoire for January 2019 is rich in performances of Fever.

We want to meet you and we have made sure that each of you has a chance to get to know us and understand us, that is why among our numerous January performances there is one, on 12 January with English subtitles. You can book your tickets now by mail biletyst@filmschool.lodz.pl or phone 42 63 64 166. We are there for you, make your choice and let us know:

4 (Friday), 5 (Saturday) , 6 (Sunday) 11 (Friday), 12 Saturday (show with English subtitles!), 13 (Sunday) 20 (Sunday) 26 (Saturday) & 27 January (Sunday), always at 19.07 hrs, always on big stage of Studyjny Theatre in Lodz (8, Kopernika street)

– We are seemingly together in virtual groups on social media, in fact the togetherness is not for real. In the spectacle we show the Hutsul community which was able to admire itself, nature; for whom some higher force, higher order, mattered. We would like the theatre audience to ponder upon it – that it is important to be together FOR REAL. – said Karol Nowiński before the premiere.

What can you expect at Studyjny? – It is a thick, pulsating, collage structure. Twenty individual, various scenes. As a whole, paranoid, in Dadaist poetics – a cabaret, horror, poetic evening. There is grotesque, humour, something pathetic, something poetic and beautiful. We derived inspiration from completely different sources: on one hand, from high art: classical music, poetry, classical and modern dance. On the other hand, we were inspired by the low and ordinary: unpunished internet, stupid video blogs, social media, or pop music and dance. – said Mariusz Grzegorzek.

The show FEVER directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek had its premiere on the 10 November at the Studyjny Theatre. Already in December it was present at the FIESAD – the International Festival of Drama Schools in Morocco, where it received a few prizes! Ksenia Tchórzko received the Best Actress Award , and the whole team was granted a Special Jury Prize for: "for an unequivocal team performance and a sophisticated combination of singing, stage movement and acting expression producing a mystical theatrical experience”.

Cast of the show: Izabela Dudziak, Mateusz Grodecki, Faustyna Kazimierska, Karol Nowiński, Piotr Pacek, Anna Paliga, Zuzanna Puławska, Robert Ratuszny, Aleksandra Skraba, Michał Surosz, Ksenia Tchórzko, Filip Warot and Elżbieta Zajko. Direction, dramaturgy and set design: Mariusz Grzegorzek. Costumes – Tomasz Armada. Music – Leszek Kołodziejski. Vocal supervision – Izabela Połońska. Choreography – Mateusz Rzeźniczak.