MUNK COMPETITION. Waiting for debut films!
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01. 12. 2018.

We are waiting for film entries to be submitted by 21 December from debuting directors and cinematographers.

The next Munk Competition, which has been organized by the Film School since 1965, will be in January next year!

He was brave, ironic and rebellious. Through his films he questioned what was generally considered to be right and mocked national myths in them, but had great respect for people whose lives were intertwined in politics, the war, and all the turmoil of this world. In his films there was pathos and the grotesque, where it was needed he treated reality with a documentary eye, where it was possible - with fiction cavalry-like fantasy. „Eroica”, „Zezowate szczęście”, „Pasażerka”. The Munk Competition organized by the Lodz Film School since 1965 is one of the oldest Polish film competitions.

Among its winners there are great names. Firstly, Jerzy Skolimowski for „Walkower”; in 1971, Andrzej Żuławski was awarded for „Trzecia część nocy”, in 1975, the School awarded Krzysztof Kieślowski for „Personel”; later, the Munk Prize was granted among others to Piotr Szulkin for „Golem” (1980), Mariusz Grzegorzek for „Rozmowa z człowiekiem z szafy” (1993) and Łukasz Barczyk for „Patrzę na Ciebie Marysiu”(1999). The previous Competition took place two years ago. Its winners were the director, Joaquin del Paso – for the film „Maquinaria Panamericana”, and a cinematographer, Paweł Chorzępa for the film „Zud” directed by Marta Minorowicz.

Entries of full-length feature films can be sent to the next Munk Competition by film-makers or producers. Deadline: 21 December, 2018. The competition is open to films made either by a debuting director, a debuting cinematographer, or both artists who made a given film can be debutants. The Munk Competition grants two Awards: for Best Direction and Best Photography. The films in competition will be evaluated by a jury consisting of Lodz Film School professors and students. The competition, the first edition of which took place in 1965, is named after Andrzej Munk - a sorely missed filmmaker, graduate and lecturer at our school, who died tragically at the age of 40, leaving behind him outstanding films. For debutants, the awards will be regarded as a distinction, but, in what we believe, they will also support the promotion and distribution of debut productions.

Announcement of films qualified for the competition: Beginning of January 2019. Competition screenings in January and February at the Film School Cinema. Please note: the screenings of all competition films will be open and free - a unique opportunity to see the films of the youngest Polish filmmakers. Films submitted for the competition will be assessed by a jury composed of lecturers, previous winners and students of the Film School in Łódź.

Entry forms to be downloaded from www: