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29. 01. 2014.

Students and graduates! The fifth MIDPOINT is awaiting you – this year also open to fiction animation projects. You can apply with fiction film projects: 30 or 90 minutes long by 17th, March.

The Midpoint Program is sponsored by EU Media program and lead by the Czech Film School FAMU, with the participation of the film schools from Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, DffB from Berlin and the Lodz Film School. In our school prof. Andrzej Mellin is in charge of the program, while Krzysztof Brzezowski, rector’s plenipotentiary in charge of international relations, deals with its organizational side.

The Program is addressed to students and film school graduates, who work on fiction film projects  (30 or 90 minutes long) in teams of two or three people: screenwriter, producer and director – if the director is a different person than the screenwriter. The authors of the chosen projects get invited to two workshops: the first one in June, and the second one at the end of August 2014.
From this year onwards also fiction animation projects are accepted in two separate categories:
- 30 minute long projects
- full length film projects.

You should apply at:

Andrzej Mellin: - Having worked with MIDPOINT for the past four years, I personally think, that it is a very well designed program, very inspiring, giving a real chance to proceed with a screenplay fast. FAMU, where screenwriting has always been taught at a high level, guarantees achieving a good result, being proven by the quality of Czech films and a list of tutors involved: Brendan Ward, Milena Jelinek,  Martin Daniel, Jan Fleischer, CsabaBollok, Sibylle Kurz, Pavel Jech, Marek Pavel.

In 2013 Justyna Tafel and Radosława Bardes finished the previous MIDPOINT program with their full length film project "Kobieta na szczycie" and won the Prize - The Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) scholarship for 2014, which comprises screenplay development under the supervision of recognized professionals in a six month period, including 3 week session on Greek islands. The prize was awarded in recognition of their work during the MIDPOINT Central European Script Center workshop, to which students can apply, including our school students. Their full length feature debut film project has been based on the life of Wanda Rutkiewicz, a  famous Polish mountain climber.  Justyna Tafel is a Lodz Film School direction student, and Radosława Bardes is a graduate of Creative Producers Course at Andrzej Wajda’s Film School.

Justyna Tafel: - Applying to MIDPOINT with the first treatment of a full-length debut film project I thought I would end my participation in the program holding the first draft of the screenplay at most. However, half a year of work under the supervision of MIDPOINT tutors allowed me to write two new, completely different treatment versions,  which enabled me and my producer to see our project in a new light twice. It’s a priceless experience, useful especially now when I start writing the screenplay, or before at pitching sessions, when you had to explain what you meant, or wanted. We’ve got to know this project inside out, its strong and weak points and we definitely know what we want. I think, that thank to MIDPOINT I am flexible, open to discussion and ready to turn everything upside down in order to eventually get to the point. Of course, the memories of parties in chalets by the river are priceless too.