We will create Visual Narration Lab!
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11. 11. 2018. Department

Almost 12 million from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for our project! Our school was one of the 30 higher schools in Poland which competed for the funds to be selected by the ministry.

We will receive the funds within the pilot competition of the Ministry of Science and Education called the “Regional Perfect Initiative”. Its aim is the balanced development of Polish higher education through supporting strong regional centres which presented a long term development strategy. Our school is one of 30 school in the whole of Poland which will be able to carry out its planned strategy from 2019-2022, with the support of the funds totalling nearly 12 million PLN. What is more, we are one of the two artistic schools which qualified for the program and the only higher school from the Lodz District.

The basis of the strategy presented to the ministry is creating a modern, multimedia Visual Narration Lab as part of the school’s Interdisciplinary Research Centre. The Lab will focus on competence development of the Lodz Film School’s staff and broad cooperation with artists from outside the school. During the four years of the Lab’s existence, dozens of artistic projects are supposed to be carried out. The concept of the Lab refers to the initiative of the European Commission of creating a Digital Innovation Hub in Europe and follows the idea of “Media Labs” at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, which are a meeting place for artists to get acquainted with modern technology and science.

It is about entering into a new sphere of exploration within the field of film and theatre arts, in which traditional forms the school feels confident about, and in which of course, it intends to act on and continue to develop. Realizing that the digital revolution in the media has become not only a fact, but also increasingly affects the field of artistic practices (including film, animation and photography, in which the Lodz Film School specializes), the school wants to take creative and scientific exploration into the area of technologies related to narration, such as cinematic VR, stereoscopy, interactive documentary and other interactive visual forms, a film essay and finally digital, multi-media publications. These explorations are to be accompanied by scientific reflection, whether in the form of audience research and the impact of works produced as part of the Laboratory, or annual conferences summarizing the activities of the laboratory.

The Visual Narration Lab will start operating in the summer of 2019. Since the basic task of the Laboratory will be to produce experimental artistic works, from October onwards, it will announce open competitions for groups wanting to implement a project in the aforementioned contemporary media of visual narrative. The first conference, marking the specific directions of the search, is planned for the autumn.


The Lab Project was prepared by a team under the supervision of Dr. Krzysztof Franek and Dr. Krzysztof Pijarski, consisting of: Dariusz Kamiński PhD, Magdalena Sobocińska PhD, Dr. Piotr Furmankiewicz, Dr. Marta Materska-Samek, Dr. Jakub Mikurda, Dr. Anna Zarychta, Katarzyna Boratyn MA, Joanna Dobrzańska MA, Piotr Matysiak MA, Wacław Mikłaszewski MA and Jacek Nagłowski, MA.