Dedo Weigert’s workshop – education & award
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08. 11. 2018. Department

Dedo Weigert presented new technological achievements relevant to cinematographers. Heliograf granted its award to the most interesting student (see what for and whose decision it was).

In 1965, the film director, producer, cinematographer and innovator, Dedo Weigert founded the Dedo Weigert Film GmbH, a film production company and film equipment rental business. For his technical inventions, Dedo Weigert was granted over twenty patents. He is the winner of twenty five international awards for his contribution to film and technical development, amongst them: 1990 Technical Achievement Award, 2002 Cinec Award and 2003 Scientific and Engineering Award. For our cinematography students, meeting Dedo Weigert is not only meeting a living legend, but also an encounter with the future of cinematographic technology. Dedo Weigert is constantly working on new inventions.

During the workshop, the Heliograf Award granted to a 3rd year student for the highest marks and the most interesting film was presented to Aliaksandr Tsymbaliuk, the author of the film, “Sasha”, who was selected by professors Ryszard Lenczewski and Wojciech Staroń. The award covers the rental charges of light and camera equipment to the amount of 5,000 PLN to be used for a diploma film production. Heliograf representatives were: Sylwester Adamski – the founder and co-owner owners, Krzysztof Adamski – co-owner and Anna Szczerbińska PR officer.

Congratulations Aliaksandr!

photos: Adrian Jaszczak