Out of frustration and longing. FEVER
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09. 11. 2018. Department

Freak show directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek. The premiere of the diploma play on: 10 and 11 November. Spend a cabaret, horror, poetic evening at Studyjny Theatre!

- It is a story of a degraded community which looses ties and inner structure. The people do not respect one another. It is a spectacle about beastliness, idiocy, which has an impact on all of us, and at the same time about a longing for values which have eroded and the absence of which has put us in serious trouble – there is not much left for us to relate to, no way out – says Mariusz Grzegorzek, the director of the show. Karol Nowiński, a fourth year acting student agrees – Seemingly together in virtual groups on social media, in fact, the togetherness is not for real. In the spectacle we show the Hutsul community which was able to admire itself and nature; for whom some higher force, higher order, mattered. We would like the theatre audience to ponder on it – that it is important to be together FOR REAL.

On stage, in their diploma play, the fourth year acting students: Izabela Dudziak, Mateusz Grodecki, Faustyna Kazimierska, Karol Nowiński, Piotr Pacek, Anna Paliga, Zuzanna Puławska, Robert Ratuszny, Aleksandra Skraba, Michał Surosz, Ksenia Tchórzko, Filip Warot, Elżbieta Zajko. The work on the spectacle was very challenging also vocally and choreographically. – While working on it we expanded our professional skills and learned a lot for which we are very grateful. The spectacle is largely based on not scenic texts – verse, documentary, music – for which we had to find a common aesthetics, which was an additional challenge - says Anna Paliga, a final year acting student. – And we promise that there will be plenty to laugh about – she adds.

Laugh? What should the Studyjny Theatre audience be prepared for? – It is a thick, pulsating, collage structure. Twenty individual, various scenes. As a whole, paranoid, in Dadaist poetics – a cabaret, horror, poetic evening. There is grotesque, humour, something pathetic, something poetic and beautiful. We derived inspiration from completely different sources: on one hand, from high art: classical music, poetry, classical and modern dance. On the other hand, we were inspired by the low and ordinary: unpunished internet, stupid video blogs, social media, or pop music and dance. - says Mariusz Grzegorzek, in charge of spectacle’s direction, dramaturgy and scenography. Costumes - Tomasz Armad. Music - Leszek Kołodziejski. Vocal supervision – Izabela Połońska. Choreography - Mateusz Rzeźniczak, our acting graduate.

And where does the idea of FEVER come from? - We felt some kind of frustration caused by social and political life, Poles as a nation we are a part of. This frustration required some kind of outlet - and here it is, the spectacle – says the director.

Premiere spectacles on Big Stage of Studyjny Theatre on 10 & 11 November (access by invitation only). For the following performances on 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24 & 25 November, book the seats now (booking by e-mail: biletyst@filmschool.lodz.pl or on the phone: 42 63 64 166).