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10. 10. 2018.

The Open Day – 6 October, 2018. As it was the birthday, guests arrived. Thank you for coming!

To commemorate the occasion, birthday photos were taken. The visitors could participate in shooting a scene by the fountain and recording perfect sound (Many thanks to invaluable Prof. Matula). Another scene was shot in the studio with the final effects of day, night, or rain on the screen (Many thanks to Cinematography and Direction Departments) What else happened? The Acting Department invited the visitors to sit in the audience that of a theatre to feel the closeness of live acting, and that of a cinema, where they could see the television recordings of student diploma plays. The Film Art Organization Department focused on its graduates and future candidates for students. The former talked to the latter about a great number of various work opportunities that awaits them after graduation.

It was a beautiful day, the birthday school was happy. Thank you for coming.

photos: Filip Szkopiński