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05. 10. 2018.

Big Day in Targowa Street today! Some of the visitors haven’t been here for decades; some are here for the first time, still others came to congratulate us on the school’s anniversary.

‘So many years of work, so many lives and people whose faces danced above our heads today – like a rain of portraits, hundreds and thousands of faces standardized to student card photos but nevertheless, so beautiful, intense, intriguing, known and unknown, present and missing, creating the history of Polish theatre and art, but most of all the energy of this place, which for the past 70 years has been filled with wise, penetrating, talented people devoted to their passion; true masters, recognized artists, but also quiet apprentices of art and amazing knowledge - hungry youths – said Prof. Mariusz Grzegorzek, Lodz Film School Rector.

On this special occasion, the School has been decorated in an unusual way, with photographs hanging off the ceiling of the people who have been creating the school over the past 70 years. Today, among the visitors gathered in the film studio, are the graduates who have returned to school after many, many years and next to them first year students who are receiving their student cards at the beginning of their artistic paths. The race of film generations in Targowa continues. Regardless of age and experience, a common conviction is shared that we all feel here at home, that we are coming back Home - that it is one big birthday party. ‘I catch myself personifying this place. I don’t think of the School in terms of the address, buildings, campus, but in terms of the person I am, we all are, in a permanent, lively relationship with, which, as expected from a long-term relationship, is pulsating, multidimensional, full of almost youthful elations and pre-retirement doubts’, said the Rector.

Today, a hundred young people, who start their first year of studies, joined us. This is how they were greeted by Michał Staszczak – vice-rector in charge of curriculum and students – You are free here, freedom also means responsibility – for those who thank to you will in future laugh, cry, experience dilemmas. You will be artists, but as one happens to be an artist, one is definitely a man – that is why love art within yourselves, but not yourselves in art; and although it is not very popular nowadays – it is simply worth being an honest man.

 - I wish us all to be able to understand better, more profoundly, not only ourselves, the confused people, but the whole nature so that we can listen carefully to what a rooster crowed, the crow cried, what the stone sang – then we will understand ourselves and others better, and we will be able to teach this wisely and more effectively so that the students can understand this , and then for sure the whole world, not to mention Polish film, will be wiser and more beautiful. Thank you everybody for everything, it is an honour for me to be the leader of the school when it celebrates such an important anniversary – that is how the Rector Mariusz Grzegorzek finished his speech.

During the ceremony not only were the student cards handed in but also a number of medals were granted. Grażyna Kędzielawska, Ryszard Lenczewski and Zbigniew Wichłacz received the Gold Medals Merited to Culture, Gloria Artis. The Gold Medals for Long-Term Service were granted to professors: Andrzej Bednarek, Marian Szukalski and Roman Sawka, and school employees – Leszek Góralczyk, Halina Pajor and Zenona Pełka. The Silver Crosses of Merit were granted to Jolanta Lemann-Zajicek, Piotr Seweryński, Paweł Siedlik and Ireneusz Czop.

Among the illustrious guests there were the rectors of universities and academies: Prof. Stanisław Tabisz, Rector of Fine Arts Academy in Krakow; Prof. Piotr Kielan, Rector of Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław; Prof. Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak – Rector of Fine Arts Academy in Lodz; Prof. Antoni Różalski, Rector of Lodz University; Prof. Cezary Sanecki, Rector of Music Academy in Lodz; Dr. Sławomir Sosnowski, Rector of Higher Theological Seminary, Prof. Janusz Piekarski, vice-Rector in charge of students of Medical University in Lodz; Prof. Dariusz Gawin, vice-Rector of Lodz Polytechnic, and also Hanna Zdanowska, the President of the City of Lodz; Radosław Śmigulski, the director of the Polish Film Institute; Bert Beyens, representing CILECT, the association of world film schools, Błażej Moder, the director of EC1 Łódź – the City of Culture, Marzena Bomanowska, the director of Film Museum, and many others.

photos: Filip Szkopiński