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23. 09. 2018.

Are you ready? Follow the Black Cat!

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CAMPUS is the result of Lodz Film School students, staff, graduates and friends’ creativity. We invite you for an interactive tour which will enable you to appreciate the atmosphere of the place seen through the eyes of the people who know it inside out. This animated tour is an opportunity to discover all kinds of activities and initiatives that take place behind the fence in Targowa Street. Are you ready? Follow the Black Cat!

Come on in.
Gate Building / Rectorate (Turquoise Chamber, Film Club, Stairs) / Fountain

We open the Campus for you! Have a look at what’s going on behind the gate of the legendary school in Targowa Street. Today, we are going to uncover the secrets of the Rectorate where the Rector is impatiently walking pacing up and down in his Turquoise Chamber to try and put the finishing touches to the last organizational matters. The School Film Club provides an original repertoire and discussion meetings with film-makers. The most eager students are already reserving the cushions by the Fountain as they can’t wait for the new year of hard creative work to start. Others are biting their fingernails in the exam frenzy.


Pop here on Friday 14 Sept and see Silicon Valley of Targowa Street. PR Dept / Guzy / New Media (Lift, Editing Rooms, Ground Floor, Archive, Conservatory)

Do you know where the Public Relations staff work making sure the School is talked about? Check out also the cradle of Polish production managers and the interdisciplinary space of the New Media Centre. The rooms have been cleaned nicely, computers are on and the Conservatory is waiting for new talented artists. Spend the last days of summer holidays in the school archive where you can find more than you are looking for…


Pop here on Friday 21 Sept and see the film kitchen. Sound Dept. / Publishing Unit / Zetka (Zet Cafe, TV Studio, Entrance)

Those who had their vacation are the lucky ones – Sound Department staff are about to finish the hectic September time, the Publishing Unit is preparing some publishing pearls, and Zetka is slowly getting on track. Cables untangled , the studio smells of anticipation. Check out if coffee is already served, and Mr Xerox is ready to print tones of notes, that you can skip making.


Pop in here on 28 September and hop on a rollercoaster!
Acting Dept. (Props, Cantine, Old Studio) / Studyjny Theatre. Dormitory (Reception, Student room, Highspeed, Kitchen), Festivals

Building H, is mostly known as the acting students’ nest, with a couple of surprises to offer. Make sure you don’t owe anything to the costume/props store and see what soup you could have in the canteen. You can already book evenings to be spent at the Studyjny Theatre which as usual provides an exceptional repertoire. It doesn’t matter whether living at the dormitory is your cup of tea, the place is almost as legendary as the school itself. It is also called the Bermuda Triangle of the upper end of Piotrkowska Street. If your family is already fed up with your sad phone calls from Lodz, Highspeed will nestle you in its smoky atmosphere and Mrs Agatka behind the counter will serve you what you need most to console your creative dilemmas. We also have for you a list of festivals you mustn’t miss and the inspiring achievements of our students available online. Having visited Campus today you know everything you need to know to find your way in the film school jungle, or you still have a few days’ time to run away as far as possible.

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