STITCHING EUROPE. Actors’ training about to start
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25. 09. 2018. Department

That’s how we are Stitching Europe!

Using the methods of Grotowski, Demidov, Brecht and words from the plays of Shakespeare, Schimmelpfennig and Ibsen, our acting students will participate in workshops run by professors from European Schools. That’s how we are Stitching Europe!

It is already the fourth time we have organized the International Drama Schools’ Workshop. During this time, the workshop has expanded with a larger number of professors participating, which means it provides more opportunities for our students. What kind of opportunities? Generally speaking, a chance to deepen certain aspects of acting and practice various methods to be able to see that communication does not necessarily mean using words and speech as actors have their bodies, facial expression, posture and movement at their disposal, which not only can substitute for words but also add new meaning to them.

Among the invited lecturers and guests are many well-known names: Andrei Zagorodnikov (actor, director and teacher, graduate of Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, masterclass of Prof. Vieniamin Filsztynski, assistant to Krystian Lupa, the director of the play “The Trial”), Teresa Nawrot (actress of the Jerzy Grotowski Theatre Lab, popularizing his method, a founder of the Reduta Berlin school), Joanna Weir-Ouston (voice and text coach, a lecturer at Oxford School of Drama & Florida State University in London), Michael Keller (Acting Dept. Dean at the Ernst Busch Higher Theatre School in Berlin, who in his teaching follows Berthold Brecht concept of theatre), Daniel Wicaz-Hattop (professor and vice-rector of the Ernst Busch Higher Theatre School in Berlin), Ian Morgan (actor trainer, has worked in theatres in France, Britain and Poland – Song of the Goat Theatre), Sławomir Chwastowski (musician and actor, teaches in Switzerland and Milan, one of the two people in Europe who teaches Sanford Meisner’s technique, a translator of 40 plays of mostly modern American playwrights) Mariusz Orski (director, author of publications on theatre, teacher of Michail Czechov’s acting technique), Grażyna Kania (theatre director, lecturer, translator) and Antje Weber.

The Workshop at the Acting Dept will take place from 19 to 29 September.