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10. 06. 2018. Department

Our School’s Photography Faculty celebrates its 25th anniversary and takes its exhibitions to Lodz galleries. Our students and graduates’ work will be also exhibited at this year’s Photofestival.

Four venues to exhibit our students’ and graduates’ work are: Ośrodek Propagandy Sztuki, Muzeum Książki Artystycznej, Galeria Off Piotrkowska and Szklarnia II

From the floor up to the ceiling - "Photo Salons: Salon" Ośrodek Propagandy Sztuki, 21 June, 18:00 hrs At the Art Promotion Centre (Ośrodek Propagandy Sztuki) the curators Prof. Janusz Tylman and Jacek Laube will present a photo exhibition displayed on the walls from the floor up to the ceiling. The collection consists of the photographs taken by the students of photography faculty during the 25 years of its existence and is focused on showing differences and similarities resulting from the passage of time and various photographic trends. It is also possible to visit the exhibition online. The photos, among others, were taken by: Kasia Bielska, Piotr Zbierski, Dominik Tarabański, Tomek Wysocki, Sonia Szóstak, Karolina Wojtas, Michał Matejko, Gabriel Orłowski and Hubert Humka.