"Łyko" at the School Conservatory Gallery
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11. 06. 2018.

Exhibition opening on 15 June at 8:20 p.m.

This creativity is an expression of the fascination with objects, collecting them and finding creative ways to transform them. It uses the contrast of static order of geometric forms with material and dynamic nature of objects, which is most visible in the process of decay. This strategy was also translated to the gallery space treated with artistic creativity. With the use of reconfiguration, analysis, cross-section or by fragmentation of images and samples taken from the edge of modern organisation systems (such as waste, pieces of wood, animal carcass, parasitic fungi, fragments of human flesh) he tries to create new relations and an alternative system to organise reality.

Tomasz Rolniak works with painting, photography, drawing, objects, and moving image. He is an educator and set designer. Born on the 28th February 1981 in Brzozów, he graduated with distinction from Faculty of Art at the Rzeszów University – diploma in painting with annex in drawing. He also studied archaeology at Rzeszów University and Film and TV Production Organization at Film School in Łódź. The author of 16 solo exhibitions and participant of more than 200 joint exhibitions presented in Poland and abroad (i.e. Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Hungary). At present he tries to live and work in Łódź.