ELDORADO – a trip to 1990-ties.
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05. 06. 2018. Department

Join us for a trip in a time machine to the Polish music world of 1990ties. The songs of Zaucha, Maanam, Varius Manx and Gabriel Fleszar will be sung by our acting students in Studyjny on 9, 10 June.

From improvisation class at the Acting Department to a musical at Studyjny Theatre, the students of the final year Anna Bieżyńska, Karolina Bruchnicka, Adam Gradowski, Jakub Zając, Patryk Kabała and Mateusz Czwartosz have been led by their teacher, Wacek Mikłaszewski. The musical dialogues were written by the whole team. – We wanted to tell a story which we really felt like doing. When it comes to music we chose the style of 1990-ties, the times before the Internet and the digital era, which we find fascinating. – says Wacek Mikłaszewski

"Eldorado" can be seen at Studyjny Theatre on 9 & 10 June (Saturday and Sunday) at 19:07 hrs. Free access with prior ticket booking at biletyst@filmschool.lodz.pl Send us an e-mail message with one word in the subject "IDĘ" In the message give your name and the date of the performance and wait for the confirmation.

The work on the musical "Eldorado" engaged not only the Film School students but also Music Academy students and the students of the Fine Art Academy. We thank Marcel Baliński for music arrangements; Kamila Chrobot & Weronika Pietrzak – costumes, and Natalia Spychała – animation.