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10. 02. 2018.

How to build relations? How to stand up for your vision? How to handle pressure? Department of Film Editing invites you for discussions and workshops.

A reason: the book "Psychologia osiągnięć dla twórców filmowych".
23rd of February (that would be Friday) will focus on the subject of psychology in films.

First we will have a MEETING (it will start at 10.00) – with authors of the book "Psychologia osiągnięć dla twórców filmowych" – Aleksandra Zienowicz-Wielebska and Ewa Serwotka, who for many years have studied the film industry. Their book “Psychologia osiągnięć dla twórców filmowych” is the first one to encourage psychological support for film makers who try to fulfil their artistic visions. The starting point here is a collection of interviews with film makers (i.e. Andrzej Seweryn, Dorota Kolak, Wojciech Smarzowski, Maciej Pieprzyca or Sławomir Idziak) who spoke with authors about their approach and attitude towards their work, which resulted in making of this popular science writing. Talks with representatives of every part of film making allowed to form the Model of Effective Work for film crews, which highlights factors and psychological abilities and the relationship between them, that help the cooperation between film makers.

Our guest who participating in the meeting, together with authors of the book, will be: Milenia Fiedler (film editing lecturer in our School, she edited films for Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Zanussi and Filip Bajon), Jarosław Kamiński (lecturer in our School, he worked among others with Leszek Dawid on film "You Are God" (Jesteś Bogiem), Paweł Pawlikowski on "Ida" and with Władysław Pasikowski on "Jack Strong"), Paweł Laskowski (film editor working with Wojciech Smarzowski), Grzegorz Łoszewski (screenwriter, he wrote scripts for films like "The Collector" (Komornik) or "Shameless" (Bez Wstydu) and Anna Wunderlich (stage designer and set decorator). The discussion panel will be conducted by Kuba Mikurda, the meeting should be treated as open discussion. The organisers want to include the opinions of students as well as lecturers of our School, that way they want to enrich our and student’s perspective of working with films.

After the meeting - workshops. Those will start at 13.00 and registration is required (please send your application to Agata Cierniak: The topic of our workshops will be to combine the perspectives of screenwriter and of film editor. We will discuss all the factors that can influence the cooperation between members of film crew from a psychological point of view. The screenwriters open the process of making a film, and editors close it. We will talk about thoughts of both groups. Both of those professions are not present on set with the film crew, but they are involved in making of the film and both have important part in it. Person conducting the workshop: Aleksandra Zienowicz-Wielebska, Ewa Serwotka and Pola Weiner will discuss with participants i.e.: How to shape distance in a broad sense? What are the benefits of synergy effect? How to assertively convince other to your standpoint for the good of the project? The added value for the workshop is to include the opinions of authorities film industry.

Applications for workshops: Agata Cierniak,

About the authors of "Psychologia osiągnięć dla twórców filmowych" (Publisher Wojciech Marzec) and persons conducting the workshops:

Aleksandra Zienowicz-Wielebska – psychologist working in the area of sport and film. Graduate of clinical psychology on SWPS University in Warsaw and postgraduate studies Psychology in positive sport in SWPS WZ in Sopot. Member of Polish Olympic Committee and Polish Psychological Society. Certified sport and exercise psychologist II class of Polish Psychological Society and Psychologist recommended by Polish Olympic Committee (years 2015…, 2017) Since 2015 involved in senior national artistic gymnastics team, since 2016 with national rhythmic gymnastics team. Deputy chairman of Positive Sport Foundation where she co-managed scientific, educational and training projects.

Ewa Serwotka – psychologist working in the area of sport and film. Psychologist recommended by Polish Olympic Committee (years: 2012 and 2015, 2017 – recommendation acquired). In everyday activities she used the approach of Psychology in Positive Sport. She is involved in Positive Sport Foundation and Positively Active Society, Co-creator of the “i7W model. Graduate on Psychology Department on SWSP WZ. Wroclaw and postgraduate studies Psychology in positive sport in SWPS WZ in Sopot. In 2009 she received the Award from Rector of University of Social Sciences and Humanity for supporting the development of science on SWSP WZ University in Wroclaw.

Pola Weiner – she works in Positive Sport Foundation, where she cooperated in different projects and initiatives i.e. All-Poland symposium "Druga Wyprawa w Sporcie Pozytywnym - Droga na Biegun Mistrzostwa" or the second edition of "Wspieraj i Wygrywaj - Sport Pozytywny w Gdyni" (project was conducted with the help of "i7W" Model, project coordinator). Under tutelage of psychologists she works with contenders of individual and team sports. She collaborated in making of the book “Psychologia Osiągnięć dla twórców filmowych” (Ziemowicz, Serwotka, 2017) and on the project "Psychologia Osiągnięć dla twórców filmowych". She focuses in her masters dissertation (University of Gdańsk) on aspects relating self-perception among actors.