Bogdan Dziworski’s Exhibition f/5.6
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07. 02. 2018.

The Film Museum in Lodz opens the exhibition „f/5.6” of Bogdan Dziworski’s photos on 15 February at 5 p.m.

Bogdan Dziworski, Lodz Film School graduate and lecturer, will present his black and white photos depicting life of ordinary people in Poland in the 1960ties, 1970ties and 1980ties. Many of them have never been published. The exhibition will be accompanied by presentation of an album including, apart from Bogdan Dziworski’s photos, film stills and essays by Adam Mazur, Tadeusz Sobolewski and Wojtek Wieteska, as well as correspondence excerpts between Bogdan Dziworski and Andrzej Wajda

After the exhibition opening the participants will be able to attend a meeting with Bogdan Dziworski, exhibition curator Rafał Łochowski (Leica 6×7 Gallery Warszawa) and Bartłomiej Talaga (album designer).

The exhibition will stay open at the Lodz Film Museum to 6 May, 2018.