"Tower. A Bright Day" in BERLINALE Program.
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12. 02. 2018. Department

Jagoda Szelc’ debut film "Tower. A Bright Day", already awarded at Gdynia Film Festival, is now screening at FORUM Berlinale.

Jagoda Szelc’ debut film made under the artistic supervision of Mariusz Grzegorzek and awarded two prizes at Gdynia Polish Film Festival is now screening in Forum 68 Section of Berlin International Film Festival next to 43 other films. The film was produced by Indeks Studio at the Lodz Film School. The Berlin Festival screening will be the world premiere of the film; the Polish premiere has been scheduled for 23 March, the film’s distributor being Against Gravity Agency.

The film director, Jagoda Szelc, the actors, Anna Krotoska, Małorzata Szczerbowska, Dorota Łukasiewicz-Kwietniewska, Rafał Kwietniewski, Ida Kwietniewska, Igor Kwietniewski and Rafał Cieluch, and the film producer and Lodz Film School head international relations, Marcin Malatyński, will meet the festival audience. Both Indeks Film Studio and the Lodz Film School will be present at the European Film Market. Assistant international relations Dagna Kidoń will take part in the meeting "Meet the Poles".

Berlin Forum Section presents experimental and avante-garde films and is focused on seeking new tendencies in film aesthetics and new trends in film. It promotes authors’ and art house films whose directors have an individual and original perception of the world. Jagoda Szelc’ film is the only Polish film in the section.

During the Festival the film will be screened on:

15 February, 20:30, CinemaxX 6
16 February, 21:30, CineStar IMAX
17 February, 20:00, Cubix 9
19 February, 13:45, CineStar 8 
24 February, 22:00, CinemaxX 4 

Film’s trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=LJ0b9-PJkUc
FB film profile: https://www.facebook.com/wieza.jasny.dzien/?fref=ts

INDEKS Studio: http://www.studioindeks.pl/

Info at Berlin Festival website: https://www.berlinale.de/…/f…/forum-presse-detail_41108.html