BERLINALE: "Na zdrowie!"
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23. 02. 2018. Department

Paulina Ziółkowska’s animated film “Na zdrowie” screening in the Generation 14plus section of the 68th Berlin International Film Festival.

"A sunny day. Some people are waiting at a bus stop. Suddenly, somebody sneezes. Then, another person, and another one. An epidemics bursts out. In the sneezing chaos it turns out that the worst thing is to come down with yourself"

The film "Na zdrowie!" (Bless you) is screening in a competition section of one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world - Berlinale. The film was made by our animation student Paulina Ziółkowska under the artistic supervision of Piotr Dumała and Piotr Milczarek.
The film "Na zdrowie!" is competing with 15 other films in the section. Complete list of films in the section:

This year the Generation Section, which is divided into two sections Generation 14plus and Generation Kplus, was entered by 2,000 films from 39 countries.

The 68th International Film Festival in Berlin takes place from 15 to 25 February.
Festival website:
stills from the film "Na zdrowie!"