LUPA/MACIEJEWSKI on the End of the World of Values
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09. 01. 2018.

LUPA attracts crowds and not only to his plays. Krystian Lupa and Łukasz Maciejewski talked about their publication „The End of the World of Values”.

The promotion of the book "The End of the World of Values" gathered many admirers of Krystian Lupa’s theatre. Apart from Krystian Lupa himself, the book’s co-author, Łukasz Maciejewski, and an actor Piotr Skiba, took part in the meeting which was ran by a theatre critic, Jacek Cieślak.

"The End of the World of Values", Lupa’s theatre encyclopedia, which is a collection of discussions between Lupa and Maciejewski, interviews, materials for theatre plays and private texts, was published by the Lodz Film School. Krystian Lupa started studying direction at the school and although he was thrown out of it he has fond memories of those times.