WAITING. Film Confession.
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09. 01. 2018. Department

Ryszard Lenczewski’s class. WAITING - film screening & CONFESSION. 8 minutes.

“Waiting”, a very personal film of Ryszard Lenczewski, who made it combining the role of a director, camera operator and even a sound recordist. Waiting for test results in a hospital corridor, the state of limbo without a way out was captured and recorded by Ryszard Lenczewski who shares this very intimate film with his students.

- I don’t have a problem with a public confession if required by an artistic endeavor. For me, it’s always been the most interesting if an artist talked about the creative process in a profound way and his emotions accompanying the process. Then, I could understand his art. Art detached from reality is difficult to bear. – says Ryszard Lenczewski. – It’s an artistic school where we work on emotions. Being sincere and open is always risky but it works in this school. I have proofs for it. – he adds.

So far the film has been screened publicly only once during the Media Festival “Man in Danger” Film students had an opportunity to see it during their class. The screening was preceded by an honest confession of the author who is considering an international festival presentation of the film. Hopefully, we will convince the author to have it screened at the school again. We’ll keep you informed.