KRYSTIAN LUPA Comes to School
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05. 01. 2018.

On 9 January, KRYSTIAN LUPA and ŁUKASZ MACIEJEWSKI will talk about their book "The End of the World of Values" published by our school. We are looking forward to meeting the authors.

"The End of the World of Values", a publication which can be called Krystian Lupa’s theatre encyclopedia, has been published by the Lodz Film School. One of the most outstanding Polish theatre directors, Krystian Lupa, himself and the book’s co-author Łukasz Maciejewski will talk about the book during a meeting at the Film School TV Studio on 9 January at 6 p.m. Piotr Skiba, an iconic figure of Krystian Lupa’s theatre, to whom one of the essays from the book is devoted, will also take part in the meeting. The host of the meeting will be Jacek Cieślak, a theatre critic ("Rzeczpospolita"). The book promotion event also involes a screening of a student film "Czkawka" (1970) by Haakon Sandoy, an experimental film with Krystian Lupa performing one of the main roles.