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15. 11. 2017.

Magdalena Moskwa’s new, unexhibited works to be seen at the School Conservatory Galery from 24 November onwards.

It has been two years since Magdalena Moskwa’s retrospective exhibition at the Art Museum in Lodz. It is a great honour for the Film School’s „Conservatory” gallery to host her  work from 24 November to 21 December.

 Magdalena Moskwa is considered to be one of the most original Polish artists. The exhibition „Life is Beautiful to an Extreme” includes her previous as well as latest works, sculptures, to mark her evolution as an artist. Undoubtedly, Magdalena Moskwa’s latest works have departed completely from traditionally understood pictures and became objects, sculptures, more and more abstract presentations. Such a decision, in the artist’s opinion, enables her to generate a more pure and universal load of expression and energy.

Magda Moskwa also deals with photography and embroidery. She creates objects – clothes, of non-usable character. Her work can be found in Polish and international museums. Her clothes-objects as theatre costumes could be seen in 2008 in the play „Macbeth” directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek at Jaracza Theatre in Lodz.

 Exhibition opening on 24 November at 6 p.m.
 The exhibition will stay open until 21 December.
Gallery opening hours Mon. – Fri. 16:00 -19 :00 hrs