TOFIFEST - Torun Film Festival awards Emi Buchwald
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29. 10. 2017. Department

The film “Nauka” by Emi Buchwald wins Golden Angel Prize for the Best Short Film in the „Shortcut” Competition of the International Film Festival TOFIFEST in Toruń, Poland.

The Golden Angel Prize was awarded to Emi Buchwald "for making a film which functions at many levels and is a lesson revealing the dangers of situations when pupils don’t think themselves". The film shows the paradoxes of school tuition – fourth grade pupils of a primary school try to understand and interpret Tuwim’s poem “Nauka” with the help of their parents.

Films artistic supervisors: Jacek Bławut and Andrzej Sapija. Photography: Tomasz Gajewski, Editor: Anna Gontarczyk, Producer: Katarzyna Janiak.