Film SOYER in cinemas across Poland!
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17. 11. 2017. Department

It’s already on - "Soyer", an acting students’ diploma film directed by Łukasz Barczyk is screening in cinemas all over Poland from 17 November.

An extremely good piece of news – the long awaited film by Łukasz Barczyk “Soyer” is already on at the cinemas. "Representatives of new generation of filmmakers stand both in front and behind the camera. „Soyer” is the voice of young Poland " – these are the words of Kino Świat, one of the leading Polish distribution firms which is in charge of the film’s distribution.

A list of cinemas where the film can be seen:

Warszawa - Kino Praha, Kino Luna, Kino Wisła
Kraków - Kino Pod Baranami, Kino Kika, Kino Kijów, Kino Mikro Wrocław - Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe, Wrocław Nowe Horyzonty Łódź - Kino Charlie
Poznań - Kino Malta, Kino Apollo
Gdynia - Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe
Nowy Sącz - Kino Sokół
Katowice - Kino Światowid
Olsztyn - Kino Awangarda

The film is a diploma film of our school’s acting students. The appearance in the film is a big screen debut for: Marianna Zydek, Maciej Musiałowski, Cezar Kołacz, Aleksandra Chapko, Piotr Choma, Diana Krupa, Wojciech Lato, Tomasz Marczyński, Dominik Ochociński, Sergiusz Olejnik, Aleksandra Przesław, Karolina Sawka, Michał Styczeń, Agata Turkot, Kamil Wodka.

The film’s main protagonist can be perceived by some as an irritating freak while others see him as an altruist caring for every living creature. You can listen to his opinions with a pounding heart or clenching fist but you cannot stay indifferent.

"The first time I read the screenplay together with the director and from the very start I knew I encountered something special. I really wanted to play Soyer. The character is my alter ego and expresses my rebellious attitude towards the system." – said Maciej Musiałowski before the first public screening of the film.

Łukasz Barczyk, the director and screenwriter of the film "Soyer" is a Lodz Film School direction graduate and lecturer. In his filmography there are such films as: „Patrzę na ciebie, Marysiu”, „Przemiany”, „Nieruchomy poruszyciel”, „Hiszpanka”. The film’s DOP, Karina Kleszczewska, is our school’s cinematography graduate. Producer: Agata Golańska. Production: Lodz Film School.

Soyer is somebody who says „no”, when others say „yes”.
You can be Soyer, too.
Do you want to change the world?
Start from seeing the film.