HISTORIES OF THE PAST. Let's re-make those films
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04. 09. 2017.

We invite you to screening of films: “Pharaoh” or “Kingsajz” in Film School Cinema as part of “Histories of the past. Reinterpretations of Polish cinema" workshops from 15th to 17th of September.

The film workshops “Histories of the past. Reinterpretations of Polish cinema” are organized by National Centre for Film Culture for secondary schools, high schools and students. The participants will watch, decode, dismantle and assemble again polish films, and most importantly, they will record those films with real, professional equipment under watchful eyes of specialists: director, acting instructor, director of photography, sound technicians, lighting directors, set designers.

- It's a perfect opportunity for introducing younger viewers to outstanding films made in our country, but also to give them the tools of criticism, allow them to understand film construction. - said Pabiś-Orzeszyna from NCFC - Additionally our guests will know more about the technical side of filmmaking, they will shoot additional scenes that were not included in the original. All of this will be made not only under supervision of NCFC, but also professional screenwriters, director, animator…

There will be five film screenings in the Film School Cinema and five lectures preceding them. We will watch films, that will later be taken apart and put together again, only this time... differently!

The lectures will be conducted by NCFC team – Michał Pabiś-Orzeszyna, Vojislav Radojičić i Marta Ślazińska.

The information on tickets that allow for participation in every screening and workshop, as well as tickets for individual screenings: http://nckf.pl/historie-przyszlosci

18.00 – "Pharaoh" Dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz, 1965

13.00 - "Kingsajz", Dir. Janusz Machulski, 1987
18.00 - "Mother Joan of the Angels". Dir. Jerzy Kawalerowicz. 1961

13.00 - "Man – Woman Wanted". Dir. Stanisław Bareja, 1973
18.00 - "Wielki Szu", Dir. Sylwester Chęciński, 1982 The workshops will be conducted at the National Centre for Film Culture.

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