„DEVIL” in iTSelF 2017 Program
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20. 06. 2017. Department

The play „The Devil, who…” will be performed in the program of the 9th International Drama Schools’ Festival iTSelF at the Collegium Nobilium Theatre of the Warsaw Drama Academy on 2, July.

The play, which is a diploma performance of the Lodz Film School acting students and is directed by its Rector, Mariusz Grzegorzek, has been scheduled for 2nd July at 18:00. For the students taking part in the iTSelF Festival it will be yet another opportunity to play in front of an international audience since amongst the Festival participants there are representatives of the drama schools from Slovakia, Israel, Romania, USA, Iran, Italy, Belgium, Finland and Peru.

You are welcome to join in – the tickets are available on-line at: http://bilety.at.edu.pl/.

Our acting students’ diploma play "The Devil who..." directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek and staged at Studyjny Theatre had its premiere on 22, October, 2016, which was also the Polish premiere of John Osborne’s first play “The Devil inside him”.

Play’s cast: Aleksandra Chapko (in Warsaw performance Anna Biernacik), Aleksandra Przesław, Marianna Zydek, Cezary Kołacz, Wojciech Lato, Maciej Musiałowski and Tomasz Marczyński.

So far not only has the play won critical acclaim and festival prizes but has been praised by theatre goers. It was presented at the International Drama Schools’ Festival FIESAD in Rabat, Morocco, where Maciej Musiałowski won the Best Actor Award for the role of Huw Prosser, and the director, Mariusz Grzegorzek, the Award in recognition of “his artistry, interpretational ideas and art direction concept.” During the 27th International Drama Schools’ Festival in Brno Maciej Musiałowski received the Festival Director’s Prize. The play directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek was recognized by Culture Plaster plebiscite the Best Theatre Performance of 2016 in Lodz. During the 35th Festival of Drama Schools in Lodz some actors from the play cast received the following prizes: Jury prizes for Maciej Musiałowski and Marianna Zydek, Audience Prizes for Cezary Kołacz and Marianna Zydek, OPUS Film Prize for Cezary Kołacz and Lodz Journalists’ Prize for Maciej Musiałowski.