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25. 04. 2017.

"Przy planty 7/9", a documentary by Michał Jaskulski and Lawrence Loewinger, screening on 26 April (Wedn.) at 19 hrs. Afterwards a meeting with Michał Jaskulski.

The film „At 7/9 Planty Street” is based on Kielce Pogrom of 1946. Eye witnesses talk about what happened in front of their eyes on 4 July that year when Militia, soldiers and locals killed over 37 Jewish people, who lived in the city centre, and injured many others in the whole of Kielce. The tragic even was triggered by a gossip of a Polish boy’s abduction allegedly done by a Jewish man. Kielce Pogrom has become a symbol of Polish post war anti-Semitism and a taboo subject in the Communist Poland. The film directors, a Polish Catholic and an American Jew, over a 10 year long period of film-making were trying to work out a common viewpoint on the events from the past.

See the film trailer: