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26. 03. 2017. Department

The play „The Witches of Salem” directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek is on at the Jaracza Theatre in Lodz.

The play is the outcome of a cooperation of the Jaracza Theatre and the Lodz Film School.

- We’re living in a strange world. We feel tormented. People get paranoid, trees fall over, everybody’s telling lies. It seemed to me, that I myself as well as my actors needed, and possibly the audience too, an efficient therapeutic séance which would exorcise all this, even just for a moment.” – with these words the director invites to the performance.

Arthur Miller’s drama “The Crucible” is one of the most important plays of the 20th century in which religion based behaviour from three centuries before becomes a pretext for a discussion about contemporary mechanisms of manipulation and power.

- It’s going to be a rich, juicy theatre, an absolute theatre. In the performance, human primeval energy gets released which is deprived of all conventions, some shell and human batter. Undoubtedly, it is going to be a performance involving thick emotions. – adds Mariusz Grzegorzek.

The performance which commemorates the 70th anniversary of our school’s Acting Dept is a result of close cooperation between the Lodz Film School and Jaracza Theatre. In the play experienced actors and teachers of acting play next to their students.

- It’s a fantastic experience to be playing next to your students – says Zofia Uzelac, the Dean of the Acting Dept. who plays the role of Rebecca Nurse – It’s an unusual adventure. There’s always a possibility of the difficult and the unexpected to happen. I kept wondering whether it is acceptable for a teacher to reveal his weaknesses. But what really matters is not to be ashamed of doing so.

In the play perform: Agnieszka Więdłocha, Ireneusz Czop, Michał Staszczak, Zofia Uzelac, Matylda Paszczenko, Marek Nędza, Andrzej Wichrowski, Dorota Kiełkowicz, Bogusław Suszka, Anna Paliga, Izabela Dudziak, Paulina Walendziak, Elżbieta Zajko and Carime Yokam. Direction of lighting: Jolanta Dylewska, an excellent cinematographer and Lodz Film School lecturer. Sound direction: Aleksander Raczyński, a photography student. The play has been directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek, the Rector of the Lodz Film School..

The premiere will be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs of the performance cast made in the 19th century photographic method.

„The Witches of Salem” at the Jaracza Theatre in Lodz, on April, 1st.

photos: Magda Hueckel