DEVIL heads for Brno
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27. 03. 2017. Department

On 30 March, the diploma play of our acting students „The Devil who…” directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek will be performed in Brno at 4:30 p.m in the program of the International Drama Schools' Festival

The diploma play of our acting students: Aleksandra Chapko, Aleksandra Przesław, Marianna Zydek, Cezary Kołacz, Wojciech Lato, Maciej Musiałowski and Tomasz Marczyński, has been placed in the program of the 27th SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER International Drama Schools’ Festival in Brno next to 13 other plays from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iran, Italy, Izrael, Columbia, Moldova, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia and Austria. Apart from our school, Poland will be represented by Cracow Drama School. The SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER is the biggest and the most important European drama festival during which young actors from all over the world can perform in front of an international audience.

So far, the play „The Devil who…” was performed internationally at the FIESAD Drama Schools’ Festival in Rabat (Morocco) in November, 2016, winning two prizes: Best Actor for Maciej Musiałowski for the role of Huw Prosser, and the prize for the play’s director, Mariusz Grzegorzek, who is also the author of the play’s adaptation and art director, in recognition of his artistry, interpretational ideas and art direction concept.

„The Devil who…” is an adaptation of John Osborne’s first play „The Devil Inside Him”. The British playwright is mostly known to Polish theatre goers for the play „Look Back in Anger” staged in Poland many times. „The Devil Inside Him” had never been staged in Poland before so the performance of Lodz Film School acting students directed by Mariusz Grzegorzek and staged at the Lodz Studyjny Theatre was its Polish premiere.

"I asked for love and you made me hate" says Huw, (possessed by a devil?), a protagonist from John Osborne’s play acted by Maciej Musiałowski. – Is he an oversensitive poet, or a psychopath and a murderer? – remarks the director Mariusz Grzegorzek – that’s what’s so thrilling about the text – everything is so ambivalent.

Set in 1950s in a Methodist community in the Welsh Valleys, The Devil Inside Him tells the story of Huw Prosser, a young man who desperately searches for a way to express himself, and as he reaches out for the love he so urgently needs, he unearths the dark and wild side of a man who has never been understood and finds his thoughts turning to murder…

The play „The Devil who...” will be performed at HaDivadlo in Brno on 30 March at 16:30.

The Festival starts on 28 March and will last to 1 April.

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