Prizes for Actors & Trip to Sahara.
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22. 03. 2017. Department

A successful visit of our acting students to Morocco under the supervision of Wacław Mikłaszewski. Prizes at the 3rd International Drama Festival in Zagora.

Last December, our acting students, Diana Krupa, Dominik Ochociński, Kamil Wodka, Piotr Choma, Sergiusz Olejnik and Zuzanna Pawlak under the supervision of Wacław Mikłaszewski participated in the 3rd International Drama Festival in Zagora, Morocco. The visit to Morocco was made possible thanks to co-operation between the Acting Deptartment of our school and the Polish Embassy in Rabat.

The participation in the festival turned out to be very successful. The show our actors performed in Zagora entitled “Tomorrow is today”, based on improvisation, presented sequences as if in the form of instructions about how to live which illustrated key life decisions young people face. The show was very well received and resulted in two prizes: for the show itself, in recognition of using modern means of expression, and a prize for the actress, Diana Krupa.

 In addition to the show, the program provided by us included a workshop run by Wacław Mikłaszewski called "Improvisation – personality- self-fulfilment” based on M. Czechowa, K. Johnstone, V. Spolin, S. Book, B. Schaeffer and contemporary trends in performance art. “The workshop was intended to, not only develop knowledge of acting techniques but also cater for the needs of the participants connected with the issue of improvisation techniques in the context of an actor’s self-fulfilment”, said Wacław Mikłaszewski.

Apart from the festival program, the group from our school participated in some extraordinary activities such as sightseeing in Marrakesh, a trip to the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. “This contact with a different culture was a thrilling new experience for all of us”, he adds.

 See the show’s trailer: