Who is going to Clermont-Ferrand…?
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30. 01. 2017.

Four films produced at the School will be shown to viewers at the prestigious French festival. Read more to find out which ones!

In the international section of the biggest and one of the most important film festivals for shorts in the world, the following films will be shown: Renata Gąsiorowska’s ‘Pussy’, Karolina Specht’s ‘Beside oneself’, in the Polish Film Market: Alicja Błaszczynska’s ‘Łańcuszki’ and Emi Buchwald’s ’Education’. We are keeping our fingers crossed for our animators and directors! The festival takes place from the 3rd February to the 11th February.

Further details about the films:

‘Pussy’ – by Renata Gąsiorowska, artistic supervision: Mariusz Wilczyński and Joanna Jasińska. A young girl spends the evening at home. She decides to organise a self-pleasure session as she is lonely, but not everything goes to plan…

‘Beside oneself’ – by Karolina Specht, artistic supervision: Piotr Dumała and Piotr Milczarek. One day she notices that something strange is happening to him…A short film about our desire to see someone else in those closest to us, and about how easy it is to lose oneself, when our imagination is confronted with reality.

‘Łańcuszki’ by Alicja Błaszczyńska, artistic supervision: Mariusz Wilczyński, Joanna Jasińska. The story of five people who are viewed as outsiders by the world. What if their obsessions have a greater meaning than one could ever imagine? Maybe they know something about the world which ‘normal’ people are unable to perceive…

’Education’ by Emi Buchwald, cinematographer: Tomasz Gajewski, artistic supervision: Jacek Bławut and Andrzej Sapija. This documentary portrays the paradoxes of school education. Students from the fourth grade of primary school try to understand and interpret, together with their parents, Julian Tuwim’s poem entitled ‘Education’.

The Festival’s webpage: http://www.clermont-filmfest.com/
The photographs are stills taken from the films:
2 – ‘Pussy’
3 – ‘Beside oneself’
4 – ‘Łańcuszki’
5 – ’Education’