Bronka Nowicka’s come back to school.
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29. 10. 2016. Department

Our graduate Bronka Nowicka will take part in Grzegorz Małecki’s class „Theatre fantasies” on Monday, 7 November. Everybody’s welcome on the condition ...

that you have read her literary debut, the book "Nakarmić kamień" which is a collection of 40 short-stories about people and objects. "I don’t expect object to be alive. I wish people were more alive. That’s what the book’s about." – says the author who recently got a literary Prize NIKE for the book.

As a film direction student Bronka Nowicka made a film "Tristis" under the artistic supervision of Mariusz Grzegorzek and Jolanta Dylewska in which the main roles were played by Krzysztof Majchrzak and Maria Ciunelis. For the film she got a distinction at the International Student Film Festival in Munich and the Best Film Prize at the Film Schools’ Festival in Bologna. She has worked as a theatre director at Jaracza Theatre in Olsztyn, Studio Theatre in Warsaw and Mickiewicza Theatre in Częstochowa.

Grzegorz Małecki in the original poster-invitation-installation to the class has written: Bronka requests that you read her book "Nakarmić kamień" meticulously, page after page, not as poetry although it’s poetic. (Pop to the “Z” building where you can find the book and the invitation). Having read the book you’ll be prepared for the big meeting with the author on 7 November at 12:30 room 102, Z building. Although the class is scheduled for direction students everybody who’s interested can join in.